How to Take Pictures of Clothes for Online Store: Clothing Photography Tips

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How to Take Pictures of Clothes for Online Store

This clothing photography tips will help you if you are searching how to take pictures of clothes for online store.

How to photograph clothing to sell online:
Taking good quality pictures of cloths or costumes to sell online is one major task to do before posting online in e-commerce website. Photographing cloths can be done in many simple ways. The first step is the preparation of the cloth for shoot, as cloths get wrinkles and are deformed for various purpose of storage. Steaming or ironing is one method to remove the wrinkles from a cloth, second is the studio or any outdoor location; studios are the best as it is possible to create the wanted mood or theme for shooting. The studio set up consists of DSLR camera or any digital camera according to budget, a tripod and a simple light set-up which has minimum three lights. This is to focus light on the clothing products and have no shadow on them, one large 6 feet light box and two 46 inch light box with umbrella does the work completely, it avoids shadow and bright light on surface to make the product much more enhancing and prominent. Lacking these basic light set-up would make dark shadows on the products may hide detailed work on the fabric. Other item in a studio may contain mannequin or doll, which could be dressed up as models, this process give the cloths much more attractive look as it is possible for viewers to understand the form and pattern of the cloths. after all the above mentioned things are in proper set-up, it’s just shoot and take pictures and a little retouching in Photoshop.

How to take pictures of cloths to sell:
Taking pictures of cloths to sell is the first basic thing before doing any online business. The basic things to keep in mind are the background and the lights. It’s better to keep the background light and simple, to acquire this effect, a sheet could be hanged from top flat to the ground. Another method of taking pictures of cloths can be done by laying the garments on a flat board or table. Here the camera is framed from top of the cloth to take pictures. This procedure is easy setup and shoots; at times it is better to place something like Styrofoam or other piece of cotton buds inside the cloth to bulge it out little from bottom and this give a 3D vision of the product.

How to take pictures of cloths for online stores:
Cloths showcased online are usually edited in Photoshop or any other image editing software, the basic photographing procedure are the same, using digital camera or DSLR camera and even smart phone could be used to shoot clothing item. The light set up, tripod and the backdrop are basically the same. Cloths in online stores are manipulated to make the product more lucrative and attractive for viewers to look at. There are many techniques to edit a garments item using clipping path, masking and other Photoshop manipulating options. Handling all the procedure properly and perfectly would give out excellent result on how to take photographs of cloths.

How to take pictures of cloth for eBay:
Taking photos of cloths for eBay is not much of a hassle if proper tools are used to photograph clothing items, as usual a good camera, tripod and good quality backdrop, (it is best to avoid complex background as to avoid haziness or blurring) different color of background can be used in contrast to the cloths to pop out the product from the backdrop. And later the images could be exported to any photo editing software like Photoshop and correction can be done easily.

How to take photographs of cloths in the below cases

How to take pictures of cloth without a mannequin:
To take pictures of cloth without mannequin is not a big problem, the best way is to get a model or wear the dress yourself and start shooting. Although some light set up is required for photo shoots, and in this situation two or three light would do the work, and a soft backdrop of any color for cool background. Next step is to click the camera and start taking pictures, though it is advisable to keep the camera on a tripod to avoid shaking or vibration while taking pictures.

How to take photograph clothing laying:

Photographing cloth on a flat surface is the most easiest technique, the basic steps is to lay the cloths on a flat surface, the piece of cloth could be folded or the whole pattern could be revealed open to show the pattern or shape of the cloth. Small cotton buds could be placed inside or underneath the fabric to make a Three-dimensional view of the fabric. In this situation the camera has to be on a tripod and the framing is done from top portion as the garment is flat on a surface. Later after the image has been captured, it could be exported to image editing software and any error visible could be corrected.

How to take photographs of cloth without model:

Cloths can be photographed without models, with the help of mannequin. Mannequin is available at various stores at reasonable price and are available in different size and shapes, Gents, Female and Kids, for various need according to costumes. The rules are to wear the cloths on the mannequin and prepare the stage with light and backdrop. Next step is to place the mannequin in front of the camera and start shooting, and later if any editing is required, the image can b exported to Photoshop and enhance it to professional look.

Professional Photo Editing:

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Background Removal Service:
After the product photo shoot, few corrections like image background removal service is required to make the product more prominent and attractive. This editing manipulation can be processed using Photoshop.

Shadow Making:
Adding shadow give a realistic vision of the product with a professional touch. This editing technique can be acquired by Photoshop shadow making techniques.

Ghost Mannequin/Hollowman/Neck Joint Service:

ghost mannequin effect

All Kinds of Retouching:

Retouching is complex editing technique which requires experienced graphics designers to complete. Retouching is usually used to correct wrinkles and deformed portion of cloths.

Headshot/Portrait/Model Photo Retouching:

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Product Retouching (Wrinkle Removal):

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Product Retouching (Remove the Hanger):

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Jewelry Photo Retouching:

jewelry photo retouching services

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