Professional Headshot Retouching Services: Maintaining the Natural Texture of the Skin

We offer professional headshot retouching services to enhance your facial image without tampering the any facial features that reveals your attractiveness. The procedure involves in tweaking making Photoshop tools and options like color correction, skin retouching, removing wrinkles, enhancing the makeup if required, whitening teeth and many other required alteration to make the headshot look gorgeous, charismatic and professional. This details retouching services will provide you better idea about our enhancement services.

Our Professional Headshot Retouching Services Include:

  • Retouching by maintaining the natural texture of the skin
  • Removing dark spots, blemishes, wrinkles, scars, bruises, freckles, tattoos
  • Stray hairs removal
  • Remove bags under eyes
  • Fixing dark and in bad shape,
  • Teeth whitening and fixing
  • Double chin removal; facial reshaping
  • Make-up correction
  • Hair and eyes color changing
  • and More as per clients instructions
digital headshot retouching services

Headshot is an essential photo shoots for many individuals from models to actress, barrister, solicitors, lawyers and many more professional individuals. Basically it is the shot of the head of a person in a frame; it reveals many important key elements of a person’s characteristic, charisma, beauty and many other features. Headshot frames are also very important for portfolio purpose of a media person as this is the key to build a rich career in the media world. Retouching company Clip Cutout has a wonderful service for everyone who intends to create an awesome portfolio.

In the photographic world there are many categories of headshot like
♦ Actor Headshot
♦ Corporate Headshot
♦ Social Media Headshot etc.

photo touch up service

And each category has its difference in its application. Actor headshot is usually used for film and media purpose, this is a necessity for many people to show up their facial expression, beauty and charisma. A designer has full knowledge of the changes needed to enhance a head shot image, from fixing the wrinkles to removing the blemishes, and these manipulation technique require great amount of experience or else the image could lose the texture and natural look.

While on the other hand corporate headshot are bit simpler to work with. Corporate headshot needs to be more clear and professional. Skin tones and color correction are main elements to modify if required. Other changes like the natural look should not be tweaked too much as it would hamper the facial expression and submit wrong impression about the individual person. Corporate head shot are a total different requirement is society hence these images should not be retouched too much out of line.
Social media headshot has a total different perspective, as the image used for this purpose are not for business or professions, mostly it is used for personal blogs, Face book, and many other social sites where people interact socially with other co workers friends and family. Many editing techniques could be applied to enhance the quality of image via color correction, blemish removal, fixing the dark spots and tags, removing red eye and some few alterations with skin tones. Whitening teeth and fixing hair strands can also help enhancing your head shot or portrait shot.
Headshot retouching is a very cool way to represent oneself in a professional way. This helps various companies to learn more about an individual with his facial expressions.

Our expert graphics designer assures you to deliver the finest quality headshot retouching services for your career portfolio or for any other aspect of your life. We also provide premium quality portrait retouching services at affordable cost.

Our Range of Digital Headshot Retouching Services

1) Business and Corporate Headshots: Business and corporate headshots are different but both are focused on the clients or customers they deals with, allowing them to visualize their trustworthiness. Corporate and business headshots help to feel the clients familiar with them even before meeting in person. This is the place where the headshot retouching comes into action. Through retouching business and corporate headshots could be more lively and touching by giving it a polished look, understated makeup and hair, and use their most genuine, natural smile, use of a neutral, solid photo background, perfect lighting etc. These type of retouching are intended for those who work in a corporate environment where the ability to establish trust is essential. The images are edited in a way it appear as it hasn’t retouched at all as they require depicting the subject as natural as possible to give a potential work based on their actual appearance.

2) Commercial Headshots: Commercial headshots have a broad appeal. This type of headshots is intended to connect with the advertising industry that focuses on promoting products. Advertisers want warm, friendly and trustworthy people to sell their product. An attractive but not overdone model flashing a bright smile, a sparkle in the eyes and wearing a brightly-colored top with a perfect retouch will likely be able to sell commercial items. Your headshot should make you look like one of these people, which you are. These are the images look like to speak to the viewer needs to be able to relate to the subject on a personal level or feel the need to possess the product or service in the image. All the distracting elements are removed here.

3) Theatrical/Legit Headshots: Theatrical roles depict and define the qualities and characteristics the actor or model naturally plays on Film, television, and theater. Consider appropriate lighting and backdrops in each case. Unlike the commercial headshot, theatrical headshots retouching should convey nuances that help the actor to land the role. Theatrical headshots retouching show more emotion and focus on the layered expressions of your personality that match the types of characters you like to play. Your theatrical headshot is selling an identifiable personality that connects with the specific role can meet viewers expectation if you use our retouching service. A legit headshot is your chance to show off your type who can sell a product, but with a unique human being with glamorous look.

4) Models and Actor Headshots: Models and actors headshots require slightly more retouching than regular Portraits requires. Hairstyle to skin everything need to retouch perfectly and should look flawless than all previous categories. This type of retouching requires high level of skill and experience. For this type of headshot retouching is done to remove all permanent and temporary “imperfections” within the image. Key retouching techniques such as Dodge & Burn are used to achieve a highly polished look. Depending on the image, all permanent features like scars, freckles, and moles in. are reduced or removed. However, non-permanent features like pimples, redness of skin; bruises are typically cleaned up, minimized or removed completely.

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