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about clip cutout outsource photo editing services

Who We Are?
Clip Cutout is an outsourcing photo editing service provider located in South Asia, stationed in Bangladesh. With over 10 years of experience and 50+ expert retouchers, our company has gained a well-recognized position globally. With our skilled team of designers we provide professional photo editing services to many e-commerce companies and photographers.

Why Us? 

Our outsourcing photo editing service is an exceptional offer, as it is maintained and controlled by expert designers to deliver high quality image manipulation. Our expert designers are dedicated to maintain the work quality using manual techniques rather than using automated build in presets. This is a major fact while editing an image as automated presets do not meet the desired effect or change in an image. The best concept of our service is, we offer continues support to our client even after the image has been delivered to them, this is to alter any changes if required further to the image. And we are available 24×7 to support our client around the world. Our working experience and counseling all through the years has guided us to learn more and better about our clients’ needs and requirement. One of the most usual offer we have is remove background service, this is a professional way to upload product image in an e-commerce site and we provide the best quality editing process using Photoshop editing manipulation. This service is very helpful for product photographers, where the background is removed or changed into other solid color to highlight the product and this helps the viewer to verify the image with detailed silhouette of the product. We process image for e-bay, amazon and many other online marketing sites with professional image editing techniques to them grow their business.

As clipping path outsource service provider, we frequently receive many orders from varies e-commerce agencies and other individual business firms. We process bulk orders and request for our clients with attractive affordable price. We handle 100 000+ image per month with high standard quality of image. Clip Cutout.com is a trusted company, where we assure the security of your working image and other private information. We are strict with our rules and regulations in maintaining our customer information and image copy right issues from other third party. The images used for our company portfolio are not from our client’s personal images or order; they are collected from premium and stock images available in various stock image sites and internet.

Our initial goal is to process high quality image output to our clients and satisfy them with their proper requirement. and this is only possible because of our expert graphics designer aim to deliver the best quality image for professional look and distinction. So far we have excelled in our profession and aim to reach even a higher stage where we interconnected with many e-commerce site and photographers.

#1) Clipping Path Service

We make 100% hand drawn image clipping path services to ensure quality path.

#2) Background Removal Service

Enjoy quality background removal or replace services for eCommerce, product photo editing,  masking of headshot, portrait photos.

#3) Product Photo Editing, Retouching Services for eCommerce, Amazon

We are able to handle bulk amount of eCommerce, Amazon product photo editing services and retouching.

#4) Shadow Making Service

Creating shadow gives your eCommerce product photos more genuine and realistic look.

#5) Photo Masking Service

Masking is a advance photo cut out service that perfect for fashion, model, sports, group, headshot, portrait, hair masking.

#6) Photo Retouching Service

This photo touch up service require for extra care of Product, Fashion, Jewelry, Real Estate photos.

#7) Color Correction Service

This service will help to create a New Product, Exposure Adjustment, Contrast Correction Adjusting Color Tones and More.

#8) Real Estate Photo Editing

Trial us interior and exterior real estate photo editing services and retouching services.

#9) Ghost Mannequin Service

Ghost mannequin service is more preferable to see outside, inside of clothing.

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