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Professional photo retouching services provided by Clip Cutout ensures superb quality, reliability and accessibility that allow our team to become successful with the best cities local companies and photographers all around the world. Photography is perhaps never possible without expensive shooting gears. But, even with the worst photograph and lighting, you can turn it to a stunning masterpiece taking the help of our image retouching services. As outsourcing image editing and retouching both are very cost effective, you can let go of the worries to shoot the best, and let us work on the rest.

We offer cheap retouching services where costs are low but the excellent service, speedy turnaround time, on line order monitoring and 24/7 customer support.

As an international service provider we offer retouching and photo editing services for photographers, retoucher’s, agencies of any size, photos of any formats and quality from psd, tif, jpg to studio RAW files. We charge a very competitive price for photo touch up services and offer a bulk discounts if you have bulk images.

Professional Photo Retouching Services we Provide:

Our Retoucher’s always work by following clients instructions and that helps to build our client’s trust and complete satisfaction. retouching services reviews in our site is an example of it. We value our customer’s precious time and money and work in a way that helps us to build trust and positive impression that leads us to a long term relationships with our clients.

#1) Product Photo Retouching Services:

product image retouching services

Product retouching services is essential for selling products online as it is compelling the customers to buy something which they can’t touch or feel. That’s why the products images should look gorgeous and lively to leave a lasting impact on the minds of the customers. Our eCommerce photo retouching service does this for you.

Our product retouching services will assure to get the professional great photo editing services for Photographers with reliable fees as well as the fast-delivery time. It will include the editing out of background; a natural drop shadows adding, mirror effect creating, etc.

#2) Jewelry Retouching Services:

Jewelry Retouching Services
Jewelry retouching service is essential for the seller engaged in jewelry business. Jewelry photos requires Photoshop manipulation for color correction, re-drawing of important parts, clipping and creating realistic shadows, reflections, making the images more acute, and, of course, change gems and gold color. We can adjust jewelry retouch to the same style as existing photos in your catalog, or by our own discretion in case if there is no reference shot. Winning photos of rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings are unthinkable today without jewellery retouching services. When you deal with jewelry, the professional retouching is prerequisite for the high sales.

Product Retouching Services and Jewelry Retouching Services Checklist:
Product retouching service is an our excellent service and this service is an awesome service for product photographer working with materialistic products like fashion accessories, bottles, beverages and many other products. Our another service available for photographers is jewelry retouching service. One of the most important aspects of any online profile today is the quality of the presentation. A business website should keep its product and services in a way that it can capture the attention of their clients, must have the cleanest, most professional presentation possible. In order to keep your product price low there is no alternative of cheap retouching services. It is especially true is the case of products as well as jewelry.

Color, Lighting and Brightness Correction: Color correction is essential for a product image to make it look as natural as possible. It also includes enhancement of brightness and other effects like Exposure Adjustment, Color Saturation, and Adjusting Color Tones etc.

Unwanted elements (Fingers, Price Tags) Removal and Retouching: Removal of unwanted elements is essential to look a product flawless. It may include dust, fingerprints, price tags, reflections and artifacts etc.

Dust, Scratches Removal: Our Retoucher’s are capable of correcting dust, scratches, unlikely details and defects, accentuate texture and materials, merge photos, or completely rebuild and redraw photos!

Lens glare Fixing: Lens glare or reflection can reduce an images appeal to the clients. Our professional retouchers can help greatly in this respect and give an overwhelming outcome.

Noise Removal: Noise is the result of errors in the image acquisition process that result in pixel values that do not reflect the true intensities of the real scene.

Product rendering: A finished product could be far away from realistic look. Our product retouching services can give your product a new and realistic look by adding a shading, color etc according to your requirements.

Jewelry Shining: our Jewelry retouching Services will be helpful for you to clear dust and remove bad reflection and making stone more shinning and give it a fresh look.

#3) Headshot Retouching Services:

Headshot Editing Services
Professional headshot retouching services are the primary requirements for Professional ‘head and shoulders’ pictures. Headshot pictures are used for different purpose, like a firm’s website, school image album, actor’s or singer’s head shots or passport photographs. Headshot retouching services can turn corporate photos of high quality it is an essential because these images represents the whole organization. Now-a-days business head-and-shoulders photos are used as a part of their individual brand. So these photos should be dynamic and flawless. Our digital artists use the latest-trend techniques with custom brushes for giving your subjects a unique corporate head shot look.

#4) Professional Portrait Retouching Services:
Professional portrait retouching services are especially useful for those people who don’t look good in a posed environment that is why photo retouching process comes to help. retouching suggest a unique service, we select for you a personal editor who will meet all your photo editing demands and will work on your further orders.

This service or face retouching, we try to achieve the best natural and flawless look for best output. Professional photo retouching services included: Beauty Retouching, Skin Retouching, Hair Retouching, Teeth Retouching, and many more.

#5) High End Retouching Services:
High end retouching service is appropriate for pro-photographers simplest who specialize in business, editorial photography. We offer professional high end retouching services for any kind of advertising agencies as well as the private business clients.
This service will help our clients to be ahead of all competitors as well as stay abreast of all novelties and trends. Having got many years of hands-on practice our professional retouchers and digital artists may create a masterpiece from any shot.

#6) Fashion Retouching Services:
Fashion retouching services we offer every kind of fashion photo retouching and bring out the best from your raw studio shot images. Our skilled Photoshop editors have years’ of experience which makes them best suited to do any type of modifications that your image requires.
We would be delighted to work with you to showcase the experience and quality of our this services.

#7) Wedding Photo Retouching Services:
wedding photo retouching services
Wedding retouching services is a picture-retouching service for professional photographers who’re specialized in weddings and who want to satisfy their clients by providing them best output.
Our wedding photo editing services is one of our customer friendly services that are widely known due to exceptional quality & unrivaled image results.

Professional Headshot, Portrait, High End, Fashion, Wedding Retouching Checklist:

photo touch up service
Our photo retouching services India is an ultimate solution of professional headshot, portrait, high end, fashion and wedding retouch. We offer cheap retouching services that can meet your retouching need and requirements. We use the following retouching techniques to look a photo perfect and flawless. We are unbeatable in our outsourcing photo editing and retouching services from the very beginning of our journey.

Skin Retouching (Pimple Removing, Spot Removing etc):

Photo Touch up Services

We provide skin retouching without filters; we apply only handmade photo manipulations to retouching skin and keep the warmth of your original. Our photo touch up services.

Blemishes Removing: Spot Healing Brush is used to quickly and easily remove acne and minor skin blemishes from an image and the Blemish Remover is used to clear away any stains for a perfect photo. Our Photoshop services will retouch blemishes with the best tool to ensure quality.

Frequency Separation: This is a great technique that is used for smoothing out skin. This is used in sparingly and in moderation. Frequency separation is also used on clothes, skies, backdrops and other area if needed.

Wrinkles Removal: Healing Brush is used to remove wrinkles or sign of aging. Patch tool is also used in the same purpose and it works fasters then healing brush.

Hair, Lips, Eyes tones correction: In the case of hair, lips and eye tone correction brightness and contrast is used.

Color Correction: We do general photo enhancement, brightness, color and saturation correction, Exposure Adjustment, Color Saturation, Color Tones, noise reducing, and sharpening.

Dodge & Burn (Dodging and Burning): Dodging and burning Is used to shaping the light. There are many ways to do dodge and burn. The dodge and burn tools is used in Photoshop to set out shadows, mid tones, or highlights. Dodging and burning is also use to even out skin tones or other parts of the image.

Object Removal: We use Patch tool to removing an unwanted object from an image. Enhancing background and deleting unnecessary details and strange things are done here.

Adjusting: We use three type of adjustment layer is used to adjust the tones of images in professional photo editing and retouching services they are as follows B&W adjustment layer, Color Balance Adjustment layer and last of all Levels adjustment layer and Hua/Sat adjustment layer to fine tune the colors.

Remove Bags Under Eyes: eyedropper tool is used to remove bags under eyes and look an image flawless.

Remove Stray Hair: Surface Blur is the effective Photoshop tool that is applied on stray hair to make stray hair invisible.

Whitening of the Teeth: Dodge tool is used to whitening of the teeth.

Edition of the Makeup in a Natural way: Natural makeup is all about creating flawless looking skin. The main makeup concepts are concealing, contouring, and highlighting.

high end retouching services

High End Retouching Services

  • Skin Retouching
  • Remove Under Eye Bags
  • Remove Stray Hair
  • Eye Enhancement
  • Remove the Glare from Glasses
  • Brightness
  • Background Cleaning

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