Image Masking and Hair Masking Service to Cutout Background

Image masking service is a special background removal technique that used in photo editing software Photoshop to enhance the quality and beauty of hair, fur photos. This advanced image editing service at Clip Cutout is one of the best services we offer for our client around the world. By masking procedure a poor quality photo can be turned into a beautiful photo, using various techniques and procedure. Different task like extracting hairs out of an image with a rough background can be easily accomplished with hair masking service, and other various tasks like removing the extra gloss in a glass and extracting out the detailed designs of many objects like complex sculptures or art pieces needs masking manipulation techniques. Trial us for your desired image editing jobs, as our expert retoucher’s are here 24 hrs round the clock to help you solve your photographic problems with complex background removal services like hair masking.

Our Image Masking Services are Perfect For:

Image Masking Services

Our photo masking services are a great advantage for Photographers, online shops, photo editing agencies, business organization, magazines, costume outlets and many other advertising agencies to get the perfect look of headshot, portrait photos. Masking is an essential editing technique for professional purpose which enhances the quality of the picture and hence helps to boom up marketing, sales via different means of media. Photoshop masking service offered by Clip Cutout is one the best service you can grab within an affordable range.

Model Photos:
photo masking services
Masking is a very versatile tool to work with model photography or image this process is one of the best methods to manipulate a picture. To enhance the details of a model in an image masking is very essential process especially to extract out the wisp of hair of the model. We offer hair masking service to such client who finds it difficult to extract out the strands of hair of any model in perspective to a textured background.

To Remove the Background of Headshot, Portrait Retouching:
image masking services
Professional photo masking techniques could be a rough work to do for an inexperienced designer, whereas retoucher’s handle the job with no hassle at all. We serves many clients around the world with various techniques to bring out the best quality of an image using various images editing software. Masking is one of the frequently used processes to enhance the quality of any image, which could be later used for headshot, portrait, and model photo retouching services to edit the hair from the background.

Fur Product Photos:
There are many products out in the market that has a furry surface or strings. For example capes, decorative stuffs on hand bags and key chains. At time for business purpose it is required to cut out the cape or any decorative object from the picture for exhibiting it one wed or any brochures. We offer photo masking service for such required image manipulations. This reveals the out the sharp details of the product such as capes and other decorative objects in an image for display or magazines.

Garments with Fine Threads:
Garment industry has a whole range of various costumes manufactured every day, some of which has extra stringy designed materials. After the photo shoot of any such dress, it is required to mask out the dress from a background which is to be used in magazines and brochure for business purpose. Hence masking is an essential process done for extracting sharp and clear image of the dress. Our image editing services are affordable price, later which could be used for brochure and web for publication.

Sports, Group Photos:
hair masking services
Sports day is a memorable day in every person’s life, especially the group photos which stays for long time. Editing group photographs is a hard job if the proper technique is not known, especially the facial portion and heads portion. Our hair masking service is available for various client and sports fan around the world with stunning outlook of their image and cherish their memory for a long time.

Animal, Birds Photos:
professional image masking service provider
People love to snap photos of their pet dogs and cats all day long, and wildlife photographers take it to the other level. They reveal natures true action through there lens with stunning image. Photoshop masking service is available for you to modify any animal or birds image into much more beautiful image, the sharpness of the furs in a mountain goat is an extraordinary portion in an image of the mountain goat, and if masking techniques is used properly it could reveal the true beauty of the animal in an image.

Decorative Products:
Masking is a process to apply change to specific portion of an image, and many decorative products has lot detailed designs on them, products like complex designed furniture to small objects like key chains and etc. to enhance the details of such products Photoshop masking has a vital role to act on the image. As masking gives us precise control over specific area, it can reveal the complexity of any product, which can be further used for business marketing or to display at any website. Our this complex photo cutout service bring out the detailed designs from any such decorative products for our clients around the world.

Landscape Photo with trees, Flower, Sky etc:
Nature has many secrets around us and we love to take photographs of the natural beauty around like mountains, forest, natural flowers, sky and many more. Photoshop masking tool is a very versatile tool which can be used to enhance the quality of any image into a true beauty. Many other techniques could be used using masking procedure to clear out the blue sky or extract the sharp crispy edge of various flowers from any background.

Color Correction:
Color correction is one big hassle for amateur photographers which lead to a bad color image, and there is Photoshop masking to save the day. Our expert graphics designers correct the color using many techniques and masking is one of the best image manipulating tools for perfect color correction. An image with distorted color is neither pleasing to eye of oneself or anyone else, we process the color with ease technique and reveal the perfect colors and nature of the image.

Photoshop Image Masking Techniques we Apply:

Photoshop Hair Masking Services
This clipping path and remove background services at Clip Cutout can be categorized variously as mentioned below. We offer the best affordable price for you. Contact as for your free trail ASAP and stay connected with us for any future photo editing solutions.

1) Alpha Channel Masking: Alpha channel masking is usually the process of choosing individual portion in an image without destroying any original image pixels, this helps in choosing any desired selected area with ease. Alpha channel masking is best for strands of hair or any semi transparent object such as glass or mirrors.

2) Complex Layer (Hair & Fur) Masking: This advanced image cutout services we offer for our client is working with complex image with lots of strings or fur. Masking is a very helpful procedure for such complex image.

3) Transparency Masking: Image with gradient applied could be removed or extracted with ease with the process of transparency masking. Also lights n glow can be processed on shiny objects using this masking method.

4) Translucent Image Masking: The technique helps in removing unwanted pixels from any backdrop. It can be used to enhance true perspective of any object by background removing.

5) Photoshop Collage Masking: Collage masking is an essential editing procedure at any magazine business, it helps to modify any image according to editors desire.

Get your complimentary free trial service at clip cutout today. Our expert editors are available 24hrs round the clock for image masking service and many other professional photos editing services according to your desired need. Our service is available for everyone from Photographers, agencies, garment industry business, fashion house, magazine, advertising agencies and many other e-commerce business proprietors.

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