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Image background removal service is one of the most countless images editing service offered by Clip and is equipped with 100+ skills photo editors 24×7 all around the year to help you with your professional photo editing services.  For our remove background services professional purpose this photo editing process is one of the best options to work on image, where the background is removed from the image just to highlight the product or object in an image. Other word used to describe this manipulation is image cut out service, where the procedure is the same as removing the background to enhance the product or subject. The whole purpose of this service is to highlight the product or subject much more professionally for business purpose. Our image editing services are most important for a person or company if they are selling product at Amazon, eBay, Shopify and other marketplaces. Be in touch with for great affordable offers about outsource photo editing and retouching  services.

Our Image Background Removal Services:

Photoshop Image Background Removal Services

Changing the background is a cool professional way to enhance your product image for business purpose or any other purpose, which make the image eye pleasing to viewers. Hence viewers can get a clear glance of the product / subject displayed on e-commerce or any other media such as magazines or company brochures.  Photo background removal service is an essential editing process for many advertising agents, photographers, stores, portrait photographers and many other individuals in designing industry.

Background Change Services

■ Removing Existing Background: This image manipulation is the process of removing background which exists in a raw image photographed, i.e. to cut out the background of an image and leaving the product or subject in the picture, which later highlight the product/subject individually.

■ Adding Transparent Background: Transparent background service is another cool service offered by Clip, this procedure is to cut out a path around the selected portion of the picture and leave a transparent background, which is a great way to stack multiple products side by side to create collage of multiple products in one image. Another purpose of transparent background is to convert the file into PNG format, which is later handy to use in portrait, headshot retouching, modeling, or magazine for a clean view of the product in between text. This is also known as photo masking service.

■ Adding White Background: White background service is a great service offered by to enhance your product image in a much more prominent way. Basically this is a process of removing the background and turning it into a white surface, which makes the subject/product stand out for the viewers for ease understanding.

■ Adding Any Custom Background: Adding custom background to an image is an impressive way to enhance an image quality, for you snapped a portrait shot of a friend or person, and the background seems dull or does not match your required need, Image Background removal Service is the solution for this complication, our expert designers is here for you for photo cut out service to convert the background into any of your choice customized background. This procedure is a great way to beautify your image, with a cool awesome background.

Our Professional Photo Editing and Retouching Services for:

professional image editing services

Our Image Cutout Service also Provides Following Additions Tasks:

We also offer other service such as cropping an image, resizing and making shadow for your image, and this Photoshop services are also at an affordable rate.

Cropping and Re-sizing for Amazon, Shopify, E-bay and as well as your E-commerce Website:

Many online market such as, E- bay, Shopify has specific image measurement for uploading image, and our all services provide the required cropping and resizing according to required specification for e-commerce site. Contact us for your image cropping and resizing which is offer in our service.

Shadow Making: Creating shadow for different products enhances the image quality to much realistic view and is eye pleasing to viewers. Most of our service request is to make shadow for the product for a realistic look. Shadows can be classified into three sections as mentioned below.

» Drop Shadow:
white background service
Applying drop shadow is another procedure to enhance the picture quality, drop shadow also known as cast shadow creates a floating effect of the product/subject. Drop shadows can be manipulated in various shape according to the shape of the subject, and the after is give a cool perspective to the image.

» Original Shadow:
Original Shadow Making Service
Original shadow is the shadow which imitates the shape of the product when shot with proper light setup, but at times the shadow seems too shallow for viewer and sometimes the shadows light, so in this situation Photoshop can be used to create natural shadow for your product, and in combination with background removed the new created shadow enhances the product image into a professional look.

» Reflection/Mirror Shadow:

jewelry photography retouching service
Reflection shadow is the reflected part of the image with a gradient effect on the layer or surface. It is a cool way to display various products on a white background such as jewelry, ceramic objects and many other products. The process of applying reflection shadow enhances the image quality to an elegant look.

► Product Photo Retouching Service:

If you want to clean spots, scratches, product tags, pins and clips – try our product photo retouching service. This service also ensure contrast, lighting and color correction.

product image retouching services

► Wrinkle Removing Services:

Photoshop liquify services

Why Drawn Clipping Path Service by Hand is a pre-required process for quality Background Removal?

Clipping out a path before removing background is an essential procedure in image cutout service, there are many different ways to select an object in an image, but hand drawn path is the best procedure to select objects as it make clear and clean selection around the object, where as other form of selection like magic wand create an uneven selection around the object, later giving the product a dull or sketchy look to the product. Our expert designers at Clip Cutout use the hand drawn path using pen tool for a clear and smooth selection around the object to reveal the perfect proper shape. Hence using hand drawn selection in Photoshop is the best way to select an object before removing the background. We ensure quality Photoshop background removal services.

  • We ensure 100% hand drawn clipping path for quality level of photo cutout service;
  • No sign up required and online chat available 24 hrs;
  • 24/7 service available for easy communication;
  • Affordable price around for background remove service, if you are searching for photo cut out service, is the best company located around Indian sub-continent;
  • 100+ expert retoucher’s available for handling bulk orders, with perfect turnover time;
  • Security: we assure not to sell our client photos, email address or any other vital information about our clients;
  • Satisfaction: We guarantee to serve you with complete satisfactory results, please feel free to check our reviews on Photo Background Removal Service.

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