Product Photo Retouching Services to Shine eCommerce Product Images

Clip has an extraordinary expert designing team who are specialized in our product photo retouching services.

We offer retouching for any products a client request us to work with. Usually many product photographers around the world are our prime clients. We usually retouch everything from fashion accessories, jewelry, watches, books, handcrafts, hardware tools and many more products you have in mind. The basic process is to give the product image a professional look, so that is in proper state for clients to upload the image in eCommerce site, magazines or brochure. The process includes removing of any scratches, dirt; correct the glossy area with perfect color correction and other essential manipulation to give it a professional look.

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Our Product Photo Retouching Services Checklist:

product image retouching services

Lighting & Color Correction:
Color and light exposure has lot to do within an image; it is very crucial task to over come for someone with low skilled editing knowledge. All most every client has different taste about individual color of respective products, and they seek their favorite color from the market, and if the company fails to present the proper color product displayed in the website, it could be a great disadvantage for the company profile or good will. We offer you the best lighting and color correction service for many garment industrialist, product photographers and many individual small or large business owner. Here we assure to give you the perfect color correction and lighting set up for your product photographs. Satisfying our client with proper and perfect color settings is our major goal. Displaying products with perfect color and light setup in website and brochures helps every company to rise and grow flawlessly.

Wrinkle Removal:
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Another powerful tool used by Photoshop experts to manipulate image. Wrinkle is the technique used to fix portion of image with uneven bends and unwanted rough areas, for example the handle of a carrying bag has an odd bending at the curvature. This technique could be used for many other purpose too where portions of image has to be made smooth or re-create the original shape of an object. Many product photographers, advertising agencies, real estate business and fashion photographers request us at Clip for this service. We have been satisfying over 100 clients and wish to continue to serve more.

Tag, Clip Removal & Spot Removal of Dust:
Tags, spots and dust are some of the most troublesome things in a photograph. This is mostly faced by fashion photographers while photo shoots. tags are usually spots which occurs in skins on various parts of body , and they need to be fixed for beatification and professional look. Here at Clip our expert Retoucher’s are available to help you for ecommerce photo retouching. We have serving many renowned product, fashion photographers all over the world, including many Amazon, ecommerce sellers with this service and helping them run their business smoothly.

Dirt Lens Glare Removal:
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A shiny object often reflects light and sometimes contains dirt which are hardly visible, to remove such dirt photo-shop is handy software to remove such glare from shiny objects or lens. The procedure is to use gradient tool with the help of other editing manipulation to fix such lens glare form shiny objects. Our experienced graphics designers are highly trained to help you fix this kind of problems.

Removal of Unwanted Elements of Scratches:
Scratches or any other blemish makes an image look dull and unattractive. To fix this kind of image problems photo shop can be used to correct the problems, with various manipulations with patch tool, stamp tool or healing tool. This procedure fixes problems like scratches and unwanted elements to recreate the image into much attractive and enhance the quality to a professional look. Other procedure is worked with to complete the work with color correction and blending for final retouch. has experienced graphics designer working 24/7 around the clock to meet our client’s requirement and help them with business.

Various Types of Product Retouching:
Product retouching a product image has many phases of editing, fixing spots, color corrections, removing blemish etc. retouching is the process of fixing all most any damaged portion, later turning the image to a high quality finished image which could be used in any e-commerce site as well as Amazon, eBay. After an image is retouched, the outcome is an enhanced version of the old image, where the damaged or uneven portions go through a fixing process. This procedure can be used for all kinds of products from jewelry retouching to garments accessories; it is also a great process to work with other categories like food products or real estate property image.

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