Cheap Freelance Photo Editing Rates that Affordable to All

Cheap Freelance Photo Editing Rates

  • Clipping Path: Starting From USD 0.35
  • Background Change: From USD 0.39
  • Hair Masking: Starting From USD 0.49
  • Basic Retouching: Starting From USD 0.99
  • Pro Retouching: Starting From USD 1.49

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Freelance photo editing rates can vary greatly, depending on the complexity of the images, volume of images and how quickly you need them back. If you were looking for professional photo editing services at cheap price, you are at the right place. We offer image editing service at reasonable price. Freelance photo retouching rates per image is the time consuming process of making masterpieces from a simple image.

Our pricing are categorized and classified according to the type of image, which varies from simple to complex image and instructions.

Outsourcing is the best option to reduce your cost, save time and it helps increase your productivity. We work with various small, medium, large eCommerce agencies, also with many famous photographers globally.

We always have special price with regular order from individual clients and also have special offer with bulk orders.

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Send us sample images with details working guideline & output format to get price. If you have different categories images, please send us all types sample.

Our Freelance Photo Editing and Retouching Service System:

cheap freelance image editing rates

We Work on Per Photo Editing Rate:
We set prices based on per image. The photo-editing expenses are so low that you won’t need to charge clients separately. We have created elaborate pricing structure and edit images on a per image basis not hourly basis. You can get a flat discount if the image quantity is high. For low volume you only need to pay the regular price.

Not Hourly:
We edit images on a per image basis not hourly basis. The actual rates varies depend on multiple factors including type of the project, complexity of work, skill and experience of the resource, volume of work, terms of contract, and some other factors. We provide services at competitive rates.

Our Cheap Freelance Photo Editing Rates

Pricing is a sensitive issue for clients. Most often they get confused and cannot understand what amount they have to pay. Freelance photo editing price list contains photo editing pricing you need to check before you move to place the orders to your desired agency. It helps the clients to know about the starting and most often the highest prices for the necessary photo editing.

Freelance Image Editing Rates Per Image

1) Clipping Path Rates: Our starting price is $0.35 USD per image for simple clipping path service. Products that are simple in shape, like box, ball, will fall into the category, super complex images with lot of holes and curves such as bicycles or complex jewelry are charged higher. We offer hand-drawn deep etch services to ensure best quality output.

2) Background Change Service Price: At background removal services we usually set the photo editing pricing considering the photo editing complexities. Simple image editing starting price USD 0.39/per image take less time to edit. On the contrary, if the images are complex and take more time to edit, the charges are naturally higher for super complex images.

Our Cheap Freelance Photo Retouching Rates

Freelance photo retouching price list are often asked to our trained editors and this is the most common question. People are always interested to find better prices and we offer cheap price for photo retouching with best quality output to please them. We offer only reasonable retouching prices that reflect the level of our editing expertise.

Freelance photo retouching rates per image

1) Basic freelance retouching rates: Basic freelance photo retouching price starts at USD 0.99. Basic retouching is effective technique of light beauty editing such as acne/blemishes/ scars eliminating, removing stray hair, teeth whitening, red eyes removal, glasses glare effect removing etc. This service can be considered as cheap photo retouching; mostly deals with facial features improving.

2) Pro Freelance photo retouching rates (Starting price USD 1.99/per image): Pro Retouching Level can make a portrait Perfect, details and Supreme. Here we pay attention to every small detail: skin smoothing, lighting, colors & tones adjustment, beauty portrait fixing up, background enhancement, figure & face reshaping, remove Skin Imperfects such as Winkle and Other Flaws, Eyes/Lips enhancement, Braces Removal and many more.

Turnaround Time:

Turnaround Time for Photo Editing

We estimate the time needed to finish your order. Our usual turnaround time is 24 hours. But we can deliver the job on urgent basis within-
1-6 hours;
6-12 hours;
12-24 hours.

There are no minimum order requirements for our services.

Freelance photo editing and retouching price list is the cheap photo post production fees do not mean cheap and low image quality images but just the low and affordable price with best quality images.

Freelance photo editing rates varied on wide circle of editing types. All of them are organized and presented on our website from the simplest one with cheapest prices and the complex one with the most expensive rates. Freelance retouching rates are the satisfactory combination of quality, cheap photo retouching and amazing turnaround. We carefully fulfill every order by hand. Each job is totally different, so the price varies, too.

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