Key Aspects of Great Product Images that Generate More Sales

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March 17, 2020
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September 15, 2020
Key Aspects of Great Product Images

Product image editing services are very important to stand out from competitor’s product images that you can boost for your e-commerce sales. High quality product images get more clicks than usual can be yours; you just need to contact us. We provide product photo editing and retouching services to our clients to promote their products for online stores or online market places like Amazon. Our highly skilled professional editors can meet your image editing need according to your requirements. We can make your products appear eye-catching to shoppers and specialized for catalogs, magazines and e-commerce websites. Ecommerce image editing services explore all the options for you to make your product images attractive and desirable. It’s important for every product listing and minimizes your post production cost, give enough space to rethink your selling strategies, and attend to other areas of business that need your attention.

Key Aspects of Great Product Images:

Use Multiple Images to Showcase Products:

Source: etsy

Product listing is very important for selling products online. Having great quality product images boosts sales, but creating high-quality product images is difficult. Moreover a single product shot cannot impress online shoppers. You need to use multiple images in product listing to show it from the front, back, sides, above, below, and sometimes even inside plus a zoomed-in view, so shoppers can see what it looks like. Different style and angles are used to present products in an online store. Multiple images of different sizes and shapes help to create outstanding product listing to promote your business. Products like clothing 360 degree view or ghost mannequin effect is used to show your products in real shape without getting distracted by the model or mannequin. Our main task is to make your product images look unique and create a wow effect in buyers mind.

Highlight Important Details:

image highlight the benefits


The product images that appear in your advertising are very important. Showing stitching, interior shots, and other important details can make your product look special. A perfect product image with highlighting important details can influence a shoppers buying decision 3 times more than usual. High quality alluring images can help to make your products more compelling and generate more business. Our commitment is to deliver affordable, quality service for everyone; makes us unique among the photo editing companies.

Show all Colors and Styles:


Source: Amazon

To sell a product online it’s important to show it in different style and color for better understanding of the product. If your products come in different colors, don’t just pick a single photo to show all the varieties available. A detailed series of photos will allow the viewer to see each individual color and each one will get attention. To do so, it’s very important to ensure that the color of the product exactly match with the real product. The professional photo editing process can be difficult and complicated, depends on your needs. We offer color correction/adjustment in our product photo editing services and edit photos to show product in different style and color to make your product stand out from your competitors.

Keep Product Photos Consistent on Your Website:
Customers always click on images of high quality, and high resolution. If you wish to promote your products for your website our experienced designers are always ready to work on your images to ensure ever product image comes out as a master piece. By providing high-quality, high-resolution photos you will save your time, increase sale plus the customer’s patience to inquire about the product. To make your website look more attractive, differentiate your online business from your competition, attract visitors and improve their shopping experiences their no alternative of professional Photoshop photo editing services provided by us. We can ensure that your images edited by us will turn into a masterpiece; will look great on the product page of your website. We maintain the standards of the popular ecommerce websites to help you to generate more sales build your brand and make more money.

Reduced Returns:
Just having pictures isn’t enough because it doesn’t look professional especially when high quality images are the key to winning sales. Product images may have many imperfections like Poor lighting, distracting background and unexpected objects, and bad shadow can drive consumers away. Professionally edited images are very important to get the attention of your customers that reduce the return rate. People show interest to buy a product when you can show them quality images. Luckily, we are here to help you with all type of product image editing services to impress your consumers.

Our Photo Post Production Services:

1) Change the Background
2) Product Photo Retouching
3) Matching the Colors (if Require)
4) Shadow Making
5) Resizing/Cropping
6) Output: jpg, png, psd, tif as per client requirement

We promise to our client’s affordable product photo editing with flexible pricing and the fastest turnaround times to make your product images look stunning. In our product image editing services we can ensure you, never to compromise on the quality we deliver. We have provided product image editing and retouching services for thousands of customers all around the world and you can get professionally edited images overnight.

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