Professional Shadow Making Services

Creating shadow is an effective way to display product photos on ecommerce site. Shadow making has a variety of forms like,

  • Drop Shadow;
  • Natural Shadow;
  • Reflection/Mirror Shadow.

Each type of shadow has its unique requirement respectively according to client’s request. Shadows can be made using Photoshop clipping path and layers. As mentioned earlier different shadow has its own specialty.

Drop Shadow Making Service:

Drop shadow is one of the most popular  type of shadow that could be created in photo shop, this is similar to natural shadow but with a little difference where the shadow or dark portion falls at the bottom of the product without any slanting manner. This type drop shadow can be used in electronic product and many other products as per client’s requirement. Our graphics designer team at Clip are great expert in creating any form of shadow for all type of product you can request us. The process of making shadow gives a professional and clear outlook of any products, which makes it easy for viewers to check the product.

Original Shadow Making Service:

Original or Natural shadow is another shadow perspective that can be applied on image or product image, usually this type of shadow are created from natural light source, the shadow falls behind the object or product in inclined position. And it is also possible to create shadow via photo shop editing tools. The natural shadow is used for various products like shoes, furniture and many other daily life products.

Reflection Shadow Making Service:

A reflection shadow is the form of shadow which reflects a portion of the object or product at the bottom portion of the surface, revealing a little portion of the product on the surface. This type of reflection shadows are used for beauty products and for glossy items. Mirror Shadow is also a cool way to making shadow, and this type of shadow usually shows a whole reflection of the product on the surface. Reflection shadow and Mirror shadow shows the viewers the effect of the product to be on a shiny surface.

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Professional Shadow Making Services
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